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Bosch in the United Kingdom

Our Associates

Board of Management in the United Kingdom

Vonjy Rajakoba

Vonjy Rajakoba

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Managing Director, Bosch UK
  • Head of Bosch Professional Power Tools UK

Regional Responsibilities

  • Bosch regional companies and subsidiaries in the UK

Arun Srinivasan

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Global responsibility for Bosch’s business with Jaguar Land Rover

Regional Responsibilities

  • Head of Bosch Mobility Solutions UK

Arun Srinivasan


The Relay series invites you to find out what our associates have to say about leadership at Bosch. From interns to managers, by speaking to associates from across the business, we’ll be getting the inside scoop from a variety of perspectives. One example is below, but click here to see all the videos”.


The diversity of the workforce within Bosch is our biggest competitive advantage, and one that should be celebrated. #ReaLifeStories has been created to do just that, showcasing the hobbies, talents and expertise of our associates.

You can read through a few of our associates #RealLifeStories below. These include exceptional hobbies and talents such as painting, marathon running and roboteering.


Over the course of 2020 we moved from being full time at the office to working from home. In doing so we have been spending more time with our pets, both new and old. Our pets have helped us through this difficult time often without us realising, and we wanted to celebrate this. We asked our associates to share their lockdown pet stories, including moments our animal friends have made us laugh and helped improve our mental health and wellbeing.”


percent of all households got a new pet in 2020

Project PET

How pets can help our mental health and wellbeing.

How pets can help our mental health and wellbeing