We are passionate about seeing our planet thrive, and protecting the environment for future generations. We all have a part to play, so find out how we are playing our part below.

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Goals that are changing the world

Bosch supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and helps to solve the challenges society faces.

Read here more about the progress Bosch made in 2017.

Sustainability Report 2017

Read here more about the progress Bosch made in 2017.

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Community Fridge Network

BSH have teamed up with charity Hubbub to tackle food waste across the UK

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One site saves 71 million litres of water

At the Thermotechnology location in Worcester, a new water-recycling system is helping ensure efficiency and resource conservation in manufacturing. Every year, the location needs around 110 million litres of water in research and development, in its long-term testing facilities, and in production. The new recycling system makes it possible to reuse cooling water from the production facilities. The system saves twelve metric tons of CO2 and around 71 million litres of water annually – which corresponds approximately to the water consumption of 650 households.

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Worcester, Bosch Group teams up with the Good Soil Trust

The Good Soil Trust aims to provide a safe, family environment for people who are struggling in life. Worcester, Bosch Group now donate wooden pallets and crates to the Trust, that were used for shipping products to the factory. The wood is then repurposed for compost bins, raised vegetable beds, and even a boat building project!