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Bosch in the United Kingdom

Candidate Journey series - Internship at ETAS

Interview with Megan Jinks

Megan at ETAS

"My name is Megan Jinks and I am in my third year studying Computer Science at Newcastle University. I am a software engineer intern at ETAS York in the MCDCOREC-C team."

What made Bosch stand out from other organisations, encouraging you to apply for your internship and have your expectations been met?

Bosch is a large International company with years of experience which I believed I could learn lots from. Reading up on Bosch, it said much about working together to achieve goals which I found to be very appealing. So far, I have been able to work with many lovely, intelligent people who I have been able to learn from and improve my skills.

Office work - Megan Jinks

Megan's biggest takeways from her internship:

I have gained lots of confidence in my coding skills and communicating with others. Being able to experience this role has taught me what it involves and how much I like doing it. It has helped me decide that I would like to continue to do this after I graduate.

"I have improved on my problem-solving skills from working through tasks and having to overcome issues with code. I have been given a mentor who is able to give advice and teach me how to fix problems if I am stuck, so I can do it independently next time I come across it. I have been able to improve my communication skills by working on tasks with others, by speaking to people about getting help, or by helping someone else. I have been able to improve this skill by being giving many opportunities to practice it."

Megan's advice to the future interns:

"Always ask questions if you have them, everyone is more than happy to answer them and you will learn lots from them."

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