Let’s Talk Technology
Breaking down Silos with STEM

Let’s talk Technology

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) provide the building blocks of the connected technologies that are shaping our homes, workplaces, lives and above all, our future. In the second part of the series focussing on the letters that make up STEM we take a look at Technology and explain how it is integrated in everything we do.


Our success in innovation stems not only from our expertise, values and heritage, but also from the way we approach new concepts and ideas. Having over 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in 60 countries is not a challenge but instead something that is fundamental to our success. Our talented associates across the globe are one of our biggest resources. It is often cross-divisional and cross-continental collaboration that provides us with the insight and spark we need to create exciting new solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements. MOVE_UK is an example of how we share our expertise and contribute to an evolving technological industry.


While emerging technologies such as automated driving and virtual voice assistants often gain a lion’s share of the limelight, it is important to remember all Bosch divisions offer smart products and services. The Power Tools division is a great example of this. Intelligent sensor-based technology is already applied to a range of tools including impact drills and rotary hammers to enhance user safety by reducing the risk of injury caused by kickback. Recognising the potential connectivity has when it comes to enhancing user experience, efficiency and safety, we offer a wider range of connected tools designed to help customers unlock new levels of performance.


As legislation continues to drive improvements in energy efficiency across industries, at Bosch we continue to develop solutions that help our customers meet and exceed their targets. Traditional heating technology is another area where adding intelligence can have a tremendous impact on improving quality of life. The latest developments in thermotechnology can deliver intelligent control systems making it easier to stay on top of daily energy consumption of CHPs and heating boilers, and enables easier cost control and conserving energy.


The astounding combination of skills that our associates bring to the table is key to our success. Expertise in technology, software and engineering is what helps our teams transform brilliant ideas into practical solutions that solve real-world problems. However, softer skills – such as people skills and marketing and sales expertise – are also essential for ensuring that the innovations meet the needs of the end-users and find their place in the market. Lifelong learning is one of the founding principles of Bosch and helping our employees develop their skill sets is of great importance. This is why we offer and invest in a range of opportunities to help associates grow, explore and pass on their expertise.


As we move towards a more connected future, IoT continues to play a bigger role across all our offerings. Why? Because the future is connected, and we want to help our customers be amongst the first to leverage the benefits it offers at home, at work and on the road: to put it simply, to live #LikeABosch. For an example of what this might look like, take a look at the latest Bosch Global campaign: https://www.bosch.com/internet-of-things/.

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