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Bosch in the United Kingdom

STEM Ambassador Programme

STEM Ambassador Programme

Each year, Bosch runs a STEM Ambassador (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programme in collaboration with STEM Learning, the National STEM Learning centre who look after the programme across the UK. Our passionate STEM ambassadors volunteer their time to participate in and run events to encourage a new generation of young people into STEM industries.

Craig Brown

We spoke to some of the team about why they chose to get involved with the programme:

Craig Brown is a Project Manager for Motion Control within the Automated Driver Assistance System for Bosch UK. Craig works closely with the actuator teams – powertrain, steering and brakes, and the ADAS system ensuring the end-to-end performance of ADAS features.

Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador?

“What got me to volunteer as a STEM ambassador was my passion for engineering which was ignited by my father when I was a young child. I was fortunate to have a father who worked in the heavy engineering industry for over 40 years and so had a role model to look up to and be inspired to take a keen interest in STEM subjects which led me to a Mechanical Engineering degree. I thereafter pursued a MBA to open my mind to the business side of engineering, but the passion for core engineering never went away.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a role model close to them to encourage, guide and open up the interest in the world of STEM and this is why I volunteer as a STEM ambassador. If I manage to inspire at least one child to consider a career in STEM, it would be worth the effort.”

Shaniyaa Holness-Mckenzie is a Project Manager for the Cummins account on the Graduate Specialist Programme for Bosch UK.

Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador?

“I became a STEM ambassador because I have always enjoyed working with children and young people. I like that there are all sorts of different ways to deliver sessions, with different aims. For example, the Bosch stand at the STEM Maths challenge at the Natural History Museum, which involved multiple schools and various companies all trying to show the students how we use maths in our careers.

More recently, I took part in a hydrogen vs battery vehicles workshop at Uxbridge High with other Bosch colleagues and a small group of year 10s. I have even done theatre in education – acting as a biomedical engineer telling the story of real-life engineer Sarah Guppy. This was delivered weekly to Year 5 students for a month during my final year of university. It’s great fun and feels rewarding when you find out the impact it has had on the participants.”

Shaniyaa Holness-Mckenzie
Simon Morley

Simon Morley works as a Sales Manager in Bosch Business Sector Mobility Solutions, cross-domain computing solutions division.

Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador?

“I became a STEM ambassador because I wanted to do something completely different from my normal day job and give something back to the community, particularly to young people starting out. I have found the whole experience really great! Not only do you get a sense of satisfaction from helping young people understand the real-world application of their learning, but you also get to talk about topics you love and make a really positive impact on young people’s lives”. You also get the chance to meet a range of new people inside and outside Bosch and visit interesting places such as the Science Museum. I would definitely encourage people who are enthusiastic about science and engineering to sign up!”

Lisa Brown is a software developer in Bosch UK Automotive Service Solutions based in Manchester.

Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador?

“I am a STEM ambassador and organise and run two CoderDojos (coding youth clubs) in the Manchester area.

Although we’ve come a long way, more needs to be done to break the stereotypes and prove that a career in technology is for everyone.”

Lisa Brown
Iona Strawson

Iona Strawson is a Mechanical Engineering Team Leader for Factory Automation based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Iona has been at Bosch Rexroth for nearly six years and heads up a team of about five mechanical engineers designing bespoke customer solutions for factories and manufacturing facilities all over the UK.

Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador?

“I became a STEM Ambassador to encourage more girls to consider engineering or STEM as a career path. I’ve been able to speak at careers fairs, run in-school activities and take part in online events. Being a STEM Ambassador means being part of a large community who are all passionate about informing and encouraging the next generation.

To be able to speak directly with the next generation on what being an engineer means, and the opportunities a career in STEM could produce, is a huge privilege and something I enjoy doing immensely.”