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International Women’s Day 2024 at Bosch: Inspiring Inclusion for Life

International Women’s Day 2024 at Bosch: Inspiring Inclusion for Life

The theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is ‘Inspiring Inclusion’ - an idea that naturally resonates with us here at Bosch.

Cultivating and maintaining a culture of inclusion is a fundamental part of our past, present and future, and just as Robert Bosch prioritised the wellbeing of his people, we continue to support associates across all regions to develop and thrive, regardless of differences.

Ahead of this year’s International Women’s Day, we caught up with some of our associates across Bosch UK to learn what ‘inclusion’ means to them and why it is so crucial within our business and beyond.

Investing in female talent

Sam Henson

Sam Henson, who began her career at Bosch on a placement year, has been a consistent champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the company. Having been given the confidence to pursue coaching alongside her role, she joined the Women@Bosch Rexroth group to empower associates within the business.

“I feel like I’ve really come into my own at work - largely thanks to what I’ve been doing with the Women at Rexroth group. It’s great to have a coaching culture at Bosch - there is a real emphasis on learning and supporting those around you.”

“We have so many talented women at Bosch, that I feel really passionate about how we lift them up and invest in them to help them realise their potential - after all, they are the future leaders of the business!”

Getting the message out

Tahsina Khan

Tahsina Khan, originally from Bangladesh and raised in Jeddah and London, found a supportive workplace when she joined Bosch UK while pursuing her Masters in Engineering. “Growing up in a multicultural background, I appreciate that the best ideas are formed when we are surrounded by diverse perspectives,” she explains.

“Diversity in Engineering is getting better but there is more to be done. I feel it’s important to address representation in STEM, breaking down some of the barriers and stereotypes that might stop someone from pursuing a career in engineering.”

“There is so much value in getting the message out to others and showing them that anything is possible.” This passion has resulted in Tahsina founding the Smashing STEMeotypes initiative – a micro-business selling items, which empower and showcase diversity in STEM.

Bringing our authentic selves to work

Melis Yazgin

For Melis Yazgin, who moved to the UK from a small village in Cyprus to study engineering, being able to show up as her authentic self was crucial: “Having studied in a very male-dominated environment, it is very important that we come into work everyday feeling able to be ourselves.”

Melis is passionate about this authenticity in all its forms, including breaking through the traditionally masculine toughness that can often dominate other corporate environments to bring compassion, humanity and creative expression to the table.

“Acts of kindness is important to me”, she explains, “As humans we often take, so I love giving back and seeing what I can do as part of my role at Bosch and in the wider community.”

Women supporting women

Wendy Kite

Automotive Aftermarket Project Manager Wendy Kite values the support that women can provide to each other.

A founding member of female exercise and social group ‘Solemother’, Wendy places great importance on the connections that can be made through a sense of community and the shared experiences of women.

“Within Bosch we can build a network of women, supporting and promoting each other to hopefully reach the goal of gender equality in the workplace. Women have so much to offer the workplace and when women support each other, amazing things happen as has been proven by our multiple, diverse achievements with Solemother.”

Inspiring future generations

Madlen Strobel

Madlen Strobel, Head of Learning and Development at Bosch UK, has a passion for coaching, mentoring and empowering individuals.

She holds a Council and Advisory Board position at the European College of Business & Management and is dedicated to fostering growth and professional development within the organisation and beyond.

“All of us have witnessed the struggles of generations of women before us, who gave their heart and soul to break the limitations of the past. It is now important for us to take forward that legacy to ensure we take the wins of those struggles to foster an environment which is truly inclusive and one that allows each female talent to discover their own unique strengths, without any fear of judgement or prejudice.”

“True inclusion inspires possibilities when we embrace our unique voices, ideas, and experiences. By celebrating our individuality and encouraging an inclusive environment, we can leave a trail of inspiration for others to follow.”

Striving for excellence

Stephanie Alexander

For Senior Safety Calibration Engineer Stephanie Alexander, breaking through traditional barriers to excel in her field was not only an option, but inevitable.

As a motorsport technology expert and finalist in the incredibly competitive vehicle development category at the 2023 Autocar Great Women: Rising Stars Award, she represents what is possible when people of all walks of life are encouraged to build on their skills and explore their potential.

“It is interesting to see how people work through different challenges,” she explains, “The diversity of companies, roles and people in each of the categories highlighted just how far women in the automotive industry have come. But there is still more work to be done as well.”

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