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Bosch Management Support: How to retain knowledge within the company

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An interview with Brigitte Malige

Brigitte Malige retired after 40 years working for Bosch. She spent the last 19 years as the Finance and Administration Director in Worcester and now works part-time managing the BMS (Bosch Management Support) scheme in the UK.

Brigitte explains that the BMS scheme (Bosch Management Support) is all about experience and know-how, aiming to create win-win situations for associates and the business alike. The scheme provides an opportunity for retirees/ early retirees or people who want to work less to continue working within Bosch. The concept was invented 20 years ago by Bosch in Germany and has been active for 10 years in the UK.

Brigitte, could you explain briefly what the BMS scheme is about?

In basic terms, it is an in-house agency for ex-Bosch associates. This allows us to keep the knowledge and connections within the business without having to hire external consultants. It brings together business requirements and people to create ‘win-win’ situations.

And what are the benefits to the business?

BMS experts are already familiar with Bosch’s business and procedures meaning that they are the ideal candidates when the business needs additional resources as they are more affordable and easier to recruit for divisions. Due to their varied backgrounds we’ve also found that it promotes cross functional collaboration across divisions in Bosch.


Work-life balance

Yes, it gives associates the opportunity for a soft landing into retirement and helps them with work-life balance whilst still receiving financial imbursement.

Who can become a BMS expert and how?

The scheme is open to everyone who has valuable experience and a good track record within Bosch. Normally they are retirees or employees who make a lifestyle choice to work part time or on an interim basis.

For example, I have a background in controlling and finance but always took a keen interest in HR. The BMS scheme brings together people and business so when I was given the opportunity to manage the scheme I found it ideal.

What made you initially decide to take part in the BMS scheme?

I have to say it helped me greatly when making the decision to retire early. The role I was in was a full time job, so there wasn’t the option for gradual retirement. Managing BMS allows me to balance my work so I can enjoy more free time.

What is the most rewarding part about your role?

It allows me to help other people with a soft landing into retirement or to balance their work-life time better.

I not only enjoy promoting the scheme but it is also a great way to stay in touch with colleagues and the business.

What type of activities are BMS experts currently taking part in?

BMS experts work in a variety of roles across many divisions. The BMS scheme is not just for office-based workers or managers but includes manual technicians and specialists. For example we have BMS experts that are continuing their roles in technical areas, some representing and lobbying for the company, helping us to take part in government funding initiatives and others provide resource in times of additional workload.

Our aim is to increase the amount of BMS experts working in mentoring and coaching roles as well as increasing the amount of cross functional work across the business.

We’re very proud of how well the scheme is targeting divisional needs and we will continue to use new systems to make this process easy. It is a great way to retain knowledge within the business and we have received many success stories. Stay tuned for more stories about the BMS scheme.

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