Bosch UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Bosch’s strong engineering heritage is an important factor in explaining our success. Yet, more important is our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world. In this new environment, it is crucial for everyone to play their part because greater diversity means greater long-term business success.

We appreciate and make use of different mindsets, experiences, perspectives and life plans at Bosch for this reason. Diversity is now an integral part of our corporate strategy. This gives us an edge in competition because our corporate slogan, “Invented for Life,” refers to a wide range of diverse solutions.

Bosch launched a diversity initiative in 2011, aiming to promote an understanding of diversity by showing positive examples. Our message, “Diversity is our advantage,” is communicated through channels worldwide and invites all associates to participate. This initiative is broad and focuses on gender, generations, internationality and culture.

When it comes to gender diversity in particular, Bosch promotes mixed teams at all levels and draws on our entire talent pool. Some goals of our diversity initiative have therefore included targets such as achieving a 20% proportion of women in leadership positions by 2020, creating flexible working conditions, supporting associate networking groups and developing progressive and transparent human resource processes.

Women@Bosch, a networking group, which pre-dates our Diversity Initiative by 16 years, is now firmly anchored in Bosch. It offers women in Bosch across the world the opportunity to exchange ideas and information through activities such as events, speeches, site visits and workshops, and is an ideal platform to promote careers and personal development.

Bosch has received numerous awards across the world for our efforts to promote greater gender diversity but there is, by our own admission, further progress to be made. In this spirit, we very much welcome the introduction of gender pay gap reporting legislation in the UK.

Steffen Hoffmann,
President, Bosch UK & Ireland

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