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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: scanning beats walking

Industry 4.0: scanning beats walking

It’s a software solution that is revolutionizing maintenance work: Nexeed MSS considerably speeds up the process of repairing faulty machinery. In a Bosch “spark talk,” the digitalization expert Tobias Richter and the IT project manager Theresa Siebert explain how it works

It’s what all production managers dread the most: a key piece of machinery breaks down, leaving production at a standstill. Every minute spent fixing it counts. Nexeed MSS maintenance support system, a mobile software solution developed by Bosch, helps maintenance personnel remedy faults faster by calling up important information on their smartphones

and tablets. The digitalization expert Tobias Richter and the IT project manager Theresa Siebert helped develop it. As part of “The Spark,” a series of Bosch-internal talks, the two of them explain how Nexeed MSS makes everyday maintenance work easier.

122 days

of repair time — this is how much Nexeed MSS can save on average each year in a mid-sized plant.

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20 percent

less technological downtime at plants — thanks to Nexeed MSS.