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#RealLifeStories: Betty’s focus gets rewarded

Bosch associate, Betty Nagy-Czirok, loves taking photos and she is clearly a natural, having won recognition and praise from National Geographic.


Striving for excellence in her role as a coordinator for the Bosch Nissan and Honda Team is a mind-set Betty Nagy-Czirok also applies away from work, in pursuing her passion for photography.

That mind-set along with her natural talent was rewarded when Betty’s photos were selected as editor’s favourites, in the National Geographic’s online assignment called ‘Eye Spy’!


Asher Jay, the National Geographic’s photo editor had this to say:

“Your compelling concept, uses the natural framing and mystery of the keyhole to seed yearning in the viewers. The absence is palpable, as is the sense of being left behind, waiting for the other to return. The space around the keyhole creates this gorgeous negative space that further emphasize the eye that is open, closed, and searching. Lovely!”


To see Betty’s photos on the National Geographic website take a look here.