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Bosch in the United Kingdom

Candidate Journey series - Internship at ETAS

Interview with Krishan Patel (on the left) and Georgina Rainford (on the right)

Interview with ETAS interns

Please introduce yourselves briefly.

Krish: I am a Computer Science student at the University of Leeds. I am on the master’s course and I am doing this placement between my third and fourth years.

Georgina: I am a student at Leeds Beckett University studying BA Hons International Business. Currently I am embarking on a placement year within ETAS Limited as business operations and finance intern.

How did you learn about Bosch?

Krish: I was always aware of Bosch as a company however I didn’t realise how many sectors they were involved in. I chose to do my placement here as it was clear that I would be doing real valuable work for the company.

Georgina: I was able to align a lot of my values with those of the Bosch’ core values, such as being future driven, responsible and interested in sustainability.

What were your expectations from an internship and how are they being met in your current role at Bosch?

Krish: My initial expectations for this placement have been far exceeded. I have a real role in my team and produce valuable work that is actively used by other people. Before coming on placement I expected to only be doing small filler tasks that no one else wanted to do however I have a reasonable say in what kind of work I would be doing and even got to pick the team that I would do my internship in.

Georgina: My expectation of an internships was to be able to apply my university knowledge into a real-life business setting by doing valid work that will help the business and I have been able to apply that during my time here.

What are the unique transferable skills that you are gaining at Bosch during your work?

Krish: I think an important skill that I am gaining is how to effectively look at a problem and think through a good solution rather than just one that works. What I mean by this is finding a solution that is maintainable and easy to explain to someone else as well as being robust and easy to debug if something happened to go wrong. This skill will be useful across all future jobs as well as university projects as it is helpful no matter what the problem is.

Georgina: I think one of the main transferable skills I have been able to gain is independence. During my time with Bosch & ETAS I have been able to gain confidence within myself that I can happily carry out tasks on my own and not have to ask people how to do things. This is going to hugely benefit me when I return to university in September as independent learning is a huge factor. Another skill that I have gained is time management, due to the strict monthly deadlines we must adhere too. This will be extremely beneficial not only when I return to university but in future jobs too as good time management is always key.

Any message for the future interns at Bosch?

Krish: Just to enjoy your placement and learn as much as you can!

Georgina: I would highly recommend doing an internship with Bosch & ETAS, as the amount of support you receive is amazing. Not only do you receive support within your role, they also help with workshops such as FACET 5. This then really enables you to understand your strengths and weaknesses within your personality to help you grow yourself in the future. In addition to this, take every opportunity that is given to you whilst you’re here and fully emerge yourself into them as it will all be beneficial and help you in the long run.

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