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Sustainability in the home

Sustainability in the home

Worcester, Bosch Group, offers a range of products that boast cutting-edge technology and innovations to help keep emissions to a minimum. It’s estimated that a non-condensing boiler emits an average 1.7 tonnes more carbon dioxide a year than a condensing boiler.

The Which? Best Buy winning range of Greenstar condensing boilers run at 90 percent efficiency or over, making them one of the greenest on the market. They’re also packed full of advanced energy-saving features. These include the new Greenstar CDi Compact, featuring a revolutionary new WB7 heat exchanger (which has been constructed using a friction-stir welding process and is a first for the UK heating industry), and Ground Source Heat Pumps, which use the natural energy stored in the earth to heat homes. For every kilowatt of electricity that’s used to power the ground source heat pump, the system may create up four times more useful energy to heat the home.

Bosch Home Appliances are designed to perform perfectly every time they are used. Our washing machines clever i-DOS self-dosing programme determines how much detergent to use based on how dirty the load is and how hard the water is, with not a drop of detergent or water wasted. Detergent only needs to be added every 20 washes or so and ensures perfectly clean laundry with every single load. Coupled with the EcoSilence drive motor, which uses brushes instead of magnets, energy consumption is reduced and the washing machines generate a noise level as low as 47 decibels. For dishwashers, Bosch ActiveWater™ technology is an intelligent water management system that automatically calculates how much water is needed for each wash and is designed to get optimum usage from every drop. This is used across our range of dishwashers, this means that it can take as little as 6.5 litres* of water to clean 13 place settings for a three-course meal.

The Bosch refrigeration range with VitaFresh technology is freshness system which guarantees optimum storage conditions for all fresh foods. It creates ideal conditions to keep food fresh and vitamin rich for longer.

*6.5 litre water consumption on standard Economy 50º programme. Model SMS69M22GB.